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Holidays in Venice, Italy

Posted December 23, 2010 by BookingBuddy

An engineering marvel, Venice has attracted holiday visitors for centuries with its one-of-a-kind topography. Holidays in Venice are not complete without exploring St. Mark's Square or Ponte dei Sespiri (Bridge of Sighs), but you may find the best way to see the city is without any itinerary at all, and a willingness to get pleasantly lost. Wander the meandering streets and bridges over the canals at your leisure: You're never too far from a vaporetto (water taxi) pick-up or drop-off, so pick a stop and see where the day takes you. You'll be sure to find a surprise around every corner. 



It's been said that Pizza Al Volo in Campo Santa Margherita may have the best pizza in the world, and at the rock-bottom price of €2 per slice, it's worth checking out for yourself. There's no seating at this casual eatery, so settle down outside at the campo and dine while people-watching: You'll see locals and tourists alike enjoying the world-class scene.  



Travel back in time and enjoy views of the Grand Canal from your private balcony at the Hotel Antiche Figure. This 15th-century palazzo now serves as a charming hotel, featuring rooms with chandeliers, silk tapestries, and marble baths. Rates start at €99 and include continental breakfast.  Be sure to shop around to ensure you find the perfect Venice hotel for your holiday.



Rediscover the lost art of journal-keeping and create a memoir of your holiday with a visit to one of Paolo Olbi's three stores. Olbi, trained as a bookbinder, creates stunning frames, calendars, journals, and photo albums from Italian leather and other local materials; you'll also find a variety of stationery products for sale. Whether you want a thoughtful gift or a timeless souvenir for yourself, you'll find old-world craftsmanship, durability, and beauty here.


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Spend Valentine’s Day In The World’s Most Romantic Spots

Posted February 3, 2010 by BookingBuddy

Heart-shaped-island Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and your significant other may be dropping not-so-subtle hints to make sure you don’t forget it (again). But what if you can’t stand the idea of shelling out for roses that will die in a couple of days, and can’t stand the sight of another saccharine card? Well, if you hurry, you may just be able to whisk your other half away to one of these romantic places in time for a Valentine’s break.

Galesnjak, Croatia – This little islet may not immediately spring to mind as an ideal spot for romance, but a bird’s eye view of it will clue you in on why it’s one of the most romantic spots on Earth. This drop of land is perfectly heart-shaped, and no one lives on it, so it may just be the perfect desert island getaway you and your lover are looking for.

New York, USA – The harried pace of life in The Big Apple may not seem conducive to romance, but look closely enough, and you’ll find it in every corner. Whether you’re splashing out for a ride in a horse-drawn carriage or sharing a hotdog in the rain, you’ll be sure to have many moments to remember.

Prague, Czech Republic – The City of a Hundred Spires is an unashamedly romantic city, its endless cobbled streets and many bridges providing lovers with a beautiful backdrop to an unforgettable affair. Steal a kiss under an ancient spire, or wander through its centuries-old streets hand in hand just like countless other couples have done throughout the ages.

Venice, Italy – Venice and romance go together like, well, like a couple just meant for each other. A gondola ride while the sun sets may be too cheesy for words, but you can always hire a boat and explore the canals yourself. This way, you won’t have a noisy gondolier intruding on your romantic moments. Have dinner at a cosy little family-run restaurant by the water to cap off a wonderful day.


City Breaks In Venice - Venice Hotels

Posted July 24, 2009 by BookingBuddy

Burano_+Venice_+Italy A visit to the legendary City of Bridges is a must before it makes good on its threat to sink under the waters.  As it’s a no car zone, you’ll be able to spend many pleasant hours strolling through the beautiful city and exploring at your own pace. But with so much to look at, your feet are sure to get tired, so simply hop into one of the many gondolas or water taxis and let them take you under Venice’s many famous bridges.

Foscari Palace – If your budget allows it, splash out for a room in this historical building. The terrace rooms overlook the famous Grand Canal, providing a great backdrop for your various photo-ops. Start your day off with a full buffet breakfast spread from the kitchen. You’ll be able to pick from a wide choice including juicy fresh fruits, deliciously buttery pastries, and scrumptious cakes – a far cry from the insipid ‘Continental’ breakfast offerings at most hotels. Room rates start at around £250.

Murano Island– Hope into a gondola and take a trip over to Murano to see a first hand demonstration of the art of glassblowing. Not all factories are open to the public, but the V.I.A factory offers free demonstrations. You may not be a fan of Murano’s stereotypically gaudy baubles, but there’s something strangely transfixing about watching molten sand getting transformed into colourful goblets and paperweights. There are also a couple of museums on the island, both dedicated to Venetian glassmaking, of course.

Osteria Ai Assassini – Located near the Opera House, this osteria serves traditional Venetian cuisine in an informal atmosphere. Try their 'frittura de pesce' or fried seafood plate –juicy battered calamari, prawns and clams deep-fried till the coating is crunchy. If seafood isn’t your thing, go on a Monday or Tuesday and sample some of their meat dishes. You may prefer a hearty plate of 'saltimbocca alla Veneziana' (meat cooked with prosciutto) or a plate of 'bollito misto e salse' (boiled meats served with a selection of sauces) instead.

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