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Heston Blumenthal Vs. Inflight Meals

Posted February 17, 2011 by BookingBuddy

British-Airways_web Ever wondered why inflight food hardly ever tastes good? Celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal attempts to answer that question while trying to satisfy the tastebuds of 100 000 airline passengers. He will be doing all that and more, in the tiny confines of a plane’s galley. This will all be part of his Heston’s Mission Impossible programme, to be shown on Channel 4.


Blumenthal will be collaborating with BA crew members Jackie Simister and Simon Curley in order to come up with a meal that will taste just as good at 35 000 feet in the air as it does on the ground. They will be working with Steve Walpole, BA’s develop chef to develop that meal, which will then be judged by a tasting panel.


Changing the bad reputation of airline food may seem like an impossible mission, but Blumenthal is no stranger to challenges. If anything, the award-winning chef of the Fat Duck Restaurant in Bray seems jump at them. He recently gave the menu at Little Chef a make-over, and will also attempt to do the same for NHS meals in the Heston’s Mission Impossible series. If his menu for BA proves successful, then BA passengers will be able to enjoy his creations as part of their inflight meals. Anyone ready for snail porridge, followed by bacon-and-egg ice cream?


Adults Only?

Posted February 10, 2011 by BookingBuddy

Girl-crying-on-plane Sick of the child behind you kicking the back of your seat all through your eight hour flight? Well, you may not have to put up with that scenario for much longer, if certain campaigners get their way. 1000 business travellers at the recent Business Travel and Meetings Show were asked what they found most annoying about air travel.


Nearly three-quarters of those surveyed said they were irritated by children on planes. Some felt that airlines should provide adult-only flights, or introduce child-free sections similar to the Quiet Carriages on some trains.


This view was supported by travel journalist Dave Richardson, who said ‘I definitely think introducing an adults-only cabin or service is a good idea and it would work well on high-frequency routes so that families could be accommodated on other services. On long-haul routes I might look to more innovative airlines such as Virgin Atlantic, Emirates or Etihad to consider taking this on board. Many airlines will continue to operate the B747 far into the future, so making the upper deck adults-only should not represent a huge logistical problem, and most airlines also have business class seats downstairs on 747s.”


However, not all travel experts agree with this view, with some deeming the idea ‘unethical’. Paul Charles, the former director of Virgin Atlantic, commented that ‘It would be a bad decision by an airline to ban children. Once you did, would you start banning other types of travellers?’

What are your thoughts on this? Are you happy to put up with kids near you, or would you prefer to fly in a child-free environment?


Stressed Out? Head To Gatwick To Unwind

Posted January 20, 2011 by BookingBuddy

Gatwick-north It’s no surprise that many of us find travelling a highly stressful experience. All those security checks and scans, never-ending queues and other passengers – it’s enough to make you give up and just stay home instead! However, at least one airport is trying to improve the experience for their passengers.


The airport will be opening a 10000 square feet lounge at its North Terminal this summer, just in time for the holiday crowds. The lounge will include a spa, a mini-cinema, games areas and even a business centre. Passengers will have to pay a £20 entry fee to make use of the lounge. They will also have access to complimentary goodies suck as snacks, magazines and WIFI. Those will like to arrive at their destination looking their best will probably want to go for a manicure or even a haircut.


‘At Gatwick, we want our passengers to feel as if their holiday starts right here at the airport,’ said Robin Longden, the airport’s chief commercial officer. Sounds good to me! I may even forgo my overseas holiday and just spend a couple of days at Gatwick this summer.



Haunts Around The UK

Posted November 3, 2010 by BookingBuddy

Avebury Halloween may be over, but that doesn’t mean the spine-tingling chills have to stop. If the popularity of horror films is anything to go by, then it seems most people love a good scare. If you love to be frightened, why not get your shivers for real instead of sitting through an onscreen shock? Here are some ghastly, ghoulish spots where you can experience some real life chills and thrills.


The Red Lion, Avebury, Wiltshire

The standing stones of Avebury are shrouded in myth and mystery, so it’s no surprise that the Red Lion pub – inside the stone circle – lays claim to being the most haunted pub in the UK. Florrie is perhaps the pub’s most famous spectral resident. The story goes that she was killed by her husband after he caught her with her lover, and then dumped her body into a well. Other apparitions include ghostly children and strange orbs of light.


Glamis Castle, Angus

With over 600 years of history behind it, Glamis Castle has more than a couple of ghouls to its name. The Monster of Glamis Castle is name given to a deformed child said to be born to the family in the 19th century, whose rooms were sealed after his death. There’s also Earl Beardie, rumoured to have lost his soul to the devil in a game of cards, and the famous Grey Lady, Janet Douglas, burnt at the stake on false charges of witchcraft. The castle is also said to have a host of secret rooms and passages.


Tower of London, London

Imprisonment, torture, and royal deaths – it’s no wonder the Tower of London is said to be one of the most haunted spots in the UK. The Tower’s most well-known apparitions are the Princes in the Tower, rumoured to have been murdered by their uncle Richard III. You may also spot the spectre of Anne Boleyn walking around, with her head held under her arm. Other ghosts include Lady Jane Grey, Henry IV, the White Lady, as well as that of a huge bear.



Chill Out At These Ice-Cold Hotels

Posted October 14, 2010 by BookingBuddy

Icehotel-pic2 Plenty of hotels are constantly searching for that elusive ‘cool’ factor in a bid to attract guests. Perhaps they should take a tip from the following hotels. These hotels are only open a few months a year, have virtually no heating, and expect guests to spend the night in sleeping bags, yet still have people clamouring to stay in them.

Ice Hotel Jukkarsjarvi, Sweden

This is one of the largest ice hotels in the world, with over 5500 square metres of space. Watch the Northern Lights dance across the sky, or keep warm by skiing or snowmobiling around the countryside. If the ice rooms get too cold, just head for the comfortably heated rooms.


Ice Hotel Quebec, Canada

Canada’s version of the ice hotel changes its look every year, so you’ll never see the same hotel twice! Enjoy a cool cocktail in a glass carved out of ice, and hang out with the other guests in the giant igloo. If you feel the need to warm up a little, head to the spa or saunas for a relaxing treatment.


Alta Igloo Hotel, Norway

Located at the northern tip of the European continent, this hotel is only accessible with the aid of a snowplough. Step through the reindeer fur covered door to enter a magical, icy world. The restaurant is housed in a tepee near the main building, and has a menu that is heavily influenced by its Nordic surroundings. 


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