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Thomas Cook

Swap Your Inflight Film For A PSP

Posted June 16, 2010 by BookingBuddy

Inflight  Inflight entertainment doesn’t always live up to its name. There are only so many Friends or Sex and the City repeats you can watch before you feel like ripping off that little 4 inch screen and hurling it at a screaming child.

Think of that as the bad old days of air travel. It seems like inflight entertainment just got a touch more, well, entertaining. Thomas Cook Airlines have saved you the trouble of ripping out that little screen, and doing it themselves. The company is in the process of replacing their entertainment systems with Playstation PSPs. The handheld devices will be rented out to passengers at a cost of £7.50.

They’re not the only ones – easyJet and US carrier Frontier Airlines have both hopped on the bandwagon, and are also offering PSPS for hire too. It will cost £7.50 to hire a device from both these companies too. Going one step further is Australian low-cost carrier Jetstar, who have recently announced plans to hire out iPads on their flights, at a cost of AUS$10. The devices will feature a range of pre-loaded books and films for passengers to choose from.


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