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Stronger Pound Gives You a Cheaper Hop Down Under

Posted November 18, 2008 by BookingBuddy

British_pound Winter has started wrapping her chilly fingers around us. The days are getting shorter, our coats are getting thicker, and the Ugg boots are coming out. It’s enough to make anyone want to go into hibernation for the next three months.

But don’t despair just yet! The days may be grey and the nights chilly, but there’s always the Southern Hemisphere to look to. Our friends down below have got long days of sun, sand, and sea to look forward to ... and so do you!

The global financial crisis may be cutting into most people’s pockets, but one good thing (for those in the U.K. at least) might have come out of it-----the pound is still strong against the Australian dollar and South African rand. We might not be able to afford a kebab after a night out in Soho, but we’ll be able to afford a kebab shop in Sydney. OK, that might be an exaggeration, but our money certainly stretches a lot further Down Under than it does here these days.

Fuel prices are also expected to keep falling, which is likely to mean cheaper tickets for anyone looking to have some fun in the southern sun. Looks like it’s time to dig out that dusty bikini and buy yourself a long-haul ticket on Qantas or South African Airways. Better yet, just get yourself that ticket and wait till you touch down on Aussie soil to get that brand new bikini!


After Long Wait, Qantas Finally Get Their A380s

Posted September 26, 2008 by BookingBuddy

Qantasairbusa380 It might have been over two years in the making, but sometimes, the good things in life take a bit of effort. And this time, it seems Qantas’ efforts might have paid off, as they finally took delivery of their first A380 this week at the Airbus base in Toulouse.

Despite a general downturn in the aviation industry (rising fuel prices, slowing economies ... you’ve heard it all before), the company’s chief Geoff Dixon is hopeful that his investment will eventually pay off. With an order of 20 A380s—Airbus’ second largest order after Emirates' 58 planes—Dixon’s decision had better work out well for the company sometime in the future.

However, despite competitors like Singapore Airlines and Emirates offering luxurious upper decks with everything from double beds to showers in the bathrooms, Qantas hopes to keep it simpler. Their upper deck will instead boast ... a small lounge. No word yet on what, if anything, will be featured in the lounge. Still, at least economy-class passengers won’t feel so hard done by if they know they’re not missing out on anything too special.

So this all seems like a nice upgrade for Qantas. But my question is, would you pay more to fly on the A380, even if you were just flying in economy class? Please leave your answer below in the comments section.

(Photo: Flight Global)

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