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Hottest Hotel Deals – Edition #6 – November

Posted November 1, 2010 by BookingBuddy

The holiday season is almost upon us! Be an early bird and take a break in November. With the money you’ve saved on these deals below, you’ll be able to check out some Christmas markets, and even pick up some souvenirs for those back home.


10% off at NH Brussels City Centre, Brussels

Located in the centre of Brussels, this hotel is only a short walk away from major attractions such as the Notre Dame de Sablon and the Horta Museum. Enjoy 10% off your bill here.   (Found on Check availability.)


20% off at Muzeum Luxette, Prague

Enjoy a romantic holiday in the beautiful city of Prague. The Muzeum Luxette offers comfortable, bright studio apartments with kitchenette and bathroom, right in the city centre. The hotel is also offering guests a 20% discount from now until December 19th. (Found on Check availability.)


25% off at Tempo Hotel, Bucharest

Discover the historic city of Bucharest when you stay at Tempo Hotel, close to attractions such as the National Museum of Art and the National Theatre. Enjoy 20% off your bill when you stay for two nights. (Found on Check availability.)


£141/night at Bellerive Superior, Zermatt

Relax and wake up to splendid views of the majestic Matterhorn and Mischabel mountains. The standard double rooms cost only £141 per night. (Found on Check availability.)


25% off at Beaumont Maastricht City Centre, Maastricht

Spend a long, relaxing weekend in Maastricht, with a stay in this beautiful hotel. The hotel offers 25% off to guests staying four or more nights. (Found on Check availability.)



Breaks In Maastricht – Maastricht Hotels

Posted May 18, 2010 by BookingBuddy

Maastricht  Maastricht is one of the smaller cities in the Netherlands, but it is a very green and pleasant place to have a break in. The picturesque River Maas divides the city in half, and on either side are warrens of cobblestone streets, with a multitude of historic buildings laid out everywhere. Take some time out to visit the Vrijthof square, with the distinctive Gothic church of Sint-Janskerk in one corner, and the Sint-Servaas Basilica in another. For a pleasant day out, explore the Sint-Pietersberg caves, a vast sandstone quarry filled with thousands of man-made tunnels.

Hotel d’Orangerie – Located between the River Maas and the old Markt, the Hotel d’Orangerie makes a convenient base to start your explorations of this compact city. It takes only a few minutes to get to the Vrijthof, and Maastricht Central Station is just 10 minutes away. The hotel itself is housed in an 18th century building, and has a wonderful, old-fashioned feel. All windows are double-glazed and come with blackout curtains, which help to cut out most of the street noise from outside. Breakfast includes a variety of tasty breads, fresh salmon, and juicy fruit salad. Room rates start from £90.


St. Pietersberg Caves – Get hold of a torch and make your way to the south of the city, where you’ll be able to explore the fantastic St. Pietersberg caves. These 250km of tunnels and passageways are all manmade, formed over several centuries as the town dug out its sandstone for use in their buildings.  During the Second World War, the caves virtually functioned as a second town to most of the population, and even included a chapel and bakery. These days, you’ll be able to catch glimpses of fossils and paintings preserved on the cave walls.


Brasserie Bonhomme – Enjoy excellent views over the Maas as well as your food at this casual riverside café. The menu combines Dutch and regional specialties with familiar fare such as toasted ham and cheese sandwiches. Give the local delights a go now that you’re here. If you’re in need of something warm and filling, go for the Maastricht sour meat, or the homemade chicken with tangy Indonesian-influenced Atjar (a kind of pickle). The snacks – croquettes, chicken wings, garlicky squid - are great for sharing, and go well with the beers on offer. 

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