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Emirates Cleans Their Planes for a Greener Flight

Posted December 24, 2008 by BookingBuddy

Emirates2 Right now, instead of competing with each other to be the biggest or fastest, most airlines are attempting to be the greenest carrier around. Short of actually attaching solar panels to their aircraft and carrying trees instead of passengers, what can most airlines do to earn their green credentials?

Emirates may not be one of those companies you associate with ‘green-ness’ right away, but it’s been doing a surprising amount recently in an attempt to earn its eco-badge. The carrier recently attempted what it billed as the ‘world’s longest green flight’, which travelled from Dubai to San Francisco, a journey of more than 8000 miles. The airline had spent months on planning, trying to minimise fuel usage and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Find cheap flights to Dubai or cheap flights to San Francisco

And now, you’re probably wondering what sort of sophisticated methods Emirates used for this historic trip. Well, they washed the aircraft to reduce friction, and removed unnecessary weight from the inside of the plane. That’s right. And these efforts allowed the airline to cut the flight time down from 16 hours to … a little over 15 hours.

So, I’m guessing the point is, if you want to arrive at your destination 50 minutes earlier, try to go on a clean plane that isn’t carrying too many passengers.


Leave Winter Behind and Escape to Atlantis

Posted October 8, 2008 by BookingBuddy

These last two weeks, the wind and rain have made the long sunny days of summer seem but a distant memory. The days are getting shorter, our skirts are getting longer and our tans are getting paler. The general outlook seems to be bleak.

So, what’s the best way to counter the overwhelming sense of apathy and recapture those fleeting days of summer? Well, you could splurge on a three-month supply of home tanning products, but that usually results in you resembling a tangerine. Or, you could simply make your way to Atlantis! No, not the mythical city that was lost underwater thousands of years ago, but a resort based on the legend.  And where else would you find such a resort, but on a man-made island in Dubai?

Atlantisthepalm Atlantis, The Palm, is being billed as the largest water-themed resort in the parched Middle East. Situated on the Palm Jumeirah, a palm-tree-shaped island features a huge water playground with seven slides (including two shark-filled lagoons for those who want to feel like they’ve been held captive by a Bond villain), a dolphin conservation centre and an open-air marine habitat.

So, if the onset of another grey winter is getting you down, why not try swimming with sharks and dolphins to make the folks in the office jealous? You could even top it all off by flying to Dubai and back on Singapore Airlines or Emirates and trying out their double-bedded cabins or shower-spas.

(Photo: Atlantis, The Palm)

Emirates' In-Flight Mobile Services Available, But Nobody Cares

Posted August 12, 2008 by BookingBuddy

Mobilephoneairplane A few months back, we at were predicting widespread violence as mobile phones started becoming operational on more and more airplanes. (OK, maybe ‘widespread violence’ is exaggerating things a little bit, but it sounds more exciting.)

Perhaps thankfully, however, irate passengers don’t  yet seem to be running around bashing each other up for yammering on and on. In fact, Patrick Brannelly, Emirates’ vice president of passenger communications and visual services, tells that, ‘the nightmare scenarios of everyone jabbering away just aren’t happening’.

In fact, most passengers don’t seem to have even taken much notice of the additional mobile and SMS services that are being provided. According to Brannelly, only between 40 to 60 percent of passengers have turned their phones on since the service became available.  In fact, most people seem to be using the service to send text messages rather than make calls lasting for hours, in an effort to be considerate towards others in the same cabin.

Great news for in-flight tranquility, but a little disappointing for anyone who had hoped to view something a little more ‘live’ and exciting than the usual in-flight movies.

(Photo: FlightAndRoom Blog)

Keep Yourself Clean With Emirates' Shower-Spas

Posted August 5, 2008 by BookingBuddy

Emiratesshowerspas Going on a long-haul flight usually means being covered in a layer of filth for hours on end, with only a measly trickle of usable water coming from the tap in that isolation cell they laughably call a ‘toilet’, right? Well, at least, it used to. Until Emirates got into the game, that is.

Ever ready to please their passengers, Emirates have not only redesigned their cabin crew’s uniforms in delicious dessert-ready colours, but have gone even further. You think Singapore Airlines and their double-bedded suites are impressive? Well, that was like, so three months ago. 

Beginning in August, when Emirates takes delivery of their new fleet of A380s, flying long distance will be a much comfier and, dare I say, cleaner, experience. In fact, passengers might like it so much they might not want to leave the plane.

And the reason for this? Emirates have released pictures revealing that the interior of their A380s will have shower-spas for first-class passengers. That’s right, not only showers, but shower-spas. It’s enough to make me want to pay through the nose to sit in the front of a tin can that hovers 30 000 feet in the air for 24 hours.

One nagging question lurks in the back of my mind though—transportation of water is always a problem in aircraft, so how do they plan on bringing enough water to keep first-class passengers satisfied, while not doing away with any other necessities for passengers in the back of the plane?


New Emirates Uniforms Good Enough To Eat

Posted July 30, 2008 by BookingBuddy

Emiratesuniforms When Emirates launches their brand new Airbus A380s on 1st August, the giant airplanes will not be the only things making their first appearance. Also premiering on that Dubai-New York flight will be the redesigned Emirates cabin crew uniform.

The crew’s uniform was formerly a symphony of beige and red—functional but—let’s be honest, not too visually exciting. Now, according to the spin, the male crew members will be dressed in ‘a chocolate brown suit ... a cream shirt, and a caramel, honey and red tie’. The female crew members aren’t left out either—their uniforms have been revamped with fitted blouses and cute little kick-pleats in their skirts.

Hang on a minute—chocolate, caramel and honey? Those all sound like an excellent recipe for a dessert. But for a uniform? Surely those are all just various delicious-sounding words for different shades of brown? Still, the new uniforms probably look a lot better than most of the food passengers are used to eating. Perhaps if you can’t bear the thought of swallowing another in-flight meal, simply look over at the crew members instead. After all, those new uniforms sound good enough to eat.

(Photo: Travel and Tourism News Middle East)

Airbus A380 Knocks Concorde off Heathrow Roundabout

Posted July 15, 2008 by BookingBuddy

Airfareairbusa380xl Oh, why can’t an old airplane be left alone to spend its last years in some dignity?

Once the pride of British Airways, the Concorde has had some rather unfortunate experiences since its retirement several years ago. As noted last week, one of these supersonic jets was sent thousands of miles away to be displayed in a museum where it had its sleek nose broken.

Now, they’re about to shelve the iconic model Concorde that has long greeted travellers passing through Heathrow. The 1/3-scale model of the plane has stood on a highly visible roundabout at the gateway to the airport’s terminals for the last 16 years, a sight 25 million passengers saw annually.

However, Emirates—who have just signed a six-year lease on the roundabout (taking over from BA) —are planning to replace the model with one of an Airbus A380. Is this a sign of things to come? Supersonic speed and exclusivity have been replaced by larger capacity and normal speed. Think about it this way: It could be a good thing if you like being with a lot of people for long periods of time …

(Photo: Peter Danford/Airbus)

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