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Swap Your Inflight Film For A PSP

Posted June 16, 2010 by BookingBuddy

Inflight  Inflight entertainment doesn’t always live up to its name. There are only so many Friends or Sex and the City repeats you can watch before you feel like ripping off that little 4 inch screen and hurling it at a screaming child.

Think of that as the bad old days of air travel. It seems like inflight entertainment just got a touch more, well, entertaining. Thomas Cook Airlines have saved you the trouble of ripping out that little screen, and doing it themselves. The company is in the process of replacing their entertainment systems with Playstation PSPs. The handheld devices will be rented out to passengers at a cost of £7.50.

They’re not the only ones – easyJet and US carrier Frontier Airlines have both hopped on the bandwagon, and are also offering PSPS for hire too. It will cost £7.50 to hire a device from both these companies too. Going one step further is Australian low-cost carrier Jetstar, who have recently announced plans to hire out iPads on their flights, at a cost of AUS$10. The devices will feature a range of pre-loaded books and films for passengers to choose from.


EasyHotel to Open in Cyprus Next Summer

Posted December 2, 2008 by BookingBuddy

Easyhotel Looking for somewhere to spend your holidays next summer, yet anxious not to burn all your savings? Well, if orange is your colour, why not stay at an easyHotel?

The brains behind low-cost carrier easyJet announced last month that they had started taking advance bookings for their latest resort-style offering—the easyHotel Larnaca in Cyprus. The rooms will feature air-conditioning and en-suite showers, and, as expected, prices will be low too, starting from about £12 per person. However, in typically low-cost style, add-ons such as TVs, extra towels, and Internet access are available ‘for a small extra charge’.

The famous shade of orange that accompanies everything the company puts its name on will also appear in the resort’s decorating scheme. However, staying in a room with neon orange walls might not be most people’s idea of a relaxing holiday. Still, it’s good to know that should you overdo the fake tan and come out tangerine-skinned, you’ll at least be able to blend in with the decor.

(Photo: My Business Model)

Channel Tunnel Fire May Aid British Airways and easyJet

Posted September 23, 2008 by BookingBuddy

Eurostar Things haven’t been looking good for most airlines recently. Rising fuel prices, falling passenger numbers and the possibility of a recession have all been factors in making airline CEOs look a little more down in the mouth these days.

Ironically, it's taken a near-tragedy to turn things around. I'm speaking, of course, about the recent Channel Tunnel fire.

While the fire has been bad news for Eurostar and anyone hoping to avoid excessive add-on fees, excruciating check-ins and embarrassing security searches, it has been a boon to those in the airline industry. That is, if the airline happens to fly to Paris or Brussels.

Eurostar services have been cut by up to 40 per cent, which gives airlines that make the London-Paris hop the chance to cash in. Tickets are said to be going for around £600. This relatively short (212km) journey across the Channel probably works out to be one of the most expensive airfares in the world right now.

Of course, even if you can spare the cash, you’re not necessarily guaranteed a ticket. British Airways only have a few seats left, even if you’re prepared to pay full price. If you’re a cheapskate and want to go cattle class, you can probably forget about flying to Paris anytime soon. Even budget airline easyJet isn’t so low-cost right now, with tickets going for around £400.

Don’t have the cash to splash? Well, either wait a few more months for reconstruction work in the Tunnel to be completed, or take the ferry across. Just remember to take those seasickness pills along. Alternatively, you could be a show-off and try to break some records by swimming across the Channel.


EasyCar Exposes Lying Holidaymakers

Posted September 18, 2008 by BookingBuddy

Liar The next time you’re sitting in front of your computer getting a fine, pasty pixel-tan and the office loudmouth starts shooting off about his recent travels to Fiji and Tuva, resist the immediate urge to deck him. Calm yourself with the knowledge that he's nothing but a no-good liar.

And should someone accuse you of falling prey to the green-eyed monster, you can always set them straight by pointing them towards the facts.

A recent survey released by car rental company easyCar revealed that at least 15 per cent of British holidaymakers were guilty of, if not exactly lying, then stretching the truth a little. Men in particular were fond of embellishing their travel experiences to make their lifestyles seem more impressive.

Other sins include namedropping foreign destinations they hadn’t actually visited, and making it sound as though they had been to a country when all they really did was stop over at an airport.

So the next time that improbably tanned lady from Accounts tries to regale/ bore you with tales of her camel-riding adventures in Dubai, ask to see her passport. Her tan might have come from a bottle. After all, I’ve been to Dubai too (it looks very exotic from inside  the terminal).

(Image: The Beauty Brains)

EasyJet Gets Set for Big Business in Future

Posted August 26, 2008 by BookingBuddy

Starwarsjabbathehutt_l_3 EasyJet may be a low-cost airline, but they’re certainly not about to rest on their low-priced laurels. The carrier, already the biggest tenant at Gatwick Airport, is looking to expand their metaphorical waistlines and become the Jabba the Hutt of budget airlines. (When I say Jabba the Hutt, I mean size-wise of course—not green, slobbering or evil.)

How, you may ask? Well, they’re certainly not kidnapping lithe young princesses and forcing them to do interpretive dance moves while dressed in gold bikinis. Instead, easyJet have announced plans to buy 25 more Airbus A320s to add to their fleet. 25 more Airbus A320s may not sound that much to you sceptics out there, but bear in mind that the purchases are part of a deal with Airbus for acquiring 120 new aircraft by 2012.

What with the London Olympics also coming up in that year, it makes good sense for easyJet to start expanding their fleet soon. After all, 120 new aircraft equals … a lot of seats. And a lot of potential bums on those seats.


It’s a Nice Day for a White Wedding, Especially for EasyJet

Posted August 21, 2008 by BookingBuddy

Wedding_beach These days, it seems that even the weather has taken it upon itself to make a mockery of Billy Idol and his songwriting. Contrary to his braying about it being ‘a nice day for a white wedding’, most of the time these days, it’s a horrible day for a white wedding—if you hold it in Britain, that is.

Peter Staddon, a spokesman for the British Insurance Brokers Association (BIBA), has announced a recent increase in overseas weddings. The famously unpredictable British weather, combined with great deals offered by low-cost airlines such as Ryanair and easyJet, mean that many couples prefer to escape to exotic locations such as the Mediterranean to hold their nuptials.

What Staddon left unsaid though, was that it’s probably a lot more romantic telling your nearest and dearest you eloped to Nice or Florence to get hitched, rather than showing everyone photos of your muddy ceremony at a chapel in Slough. You’ll probably escape the inevitable ‘embarrassing speech by drunk uncle' situation this way, too.


EasyJet 'eco' engines now 25 percent cleaner

Posted June 24, 2008 by BookingBuddy

Aireasyjet2_2 These days, it’s all about cleanliness. Well, the cleanliness of your vehicle, at least. And now that being green is the new black, even the airlines are scrubbing up.

And low-cost carrier easyJet are aiming to be greenest in the game. Having teamed up with CFM International, they will be fitting the techie-sounding CFM56-5B Tech Insertion engines onto all new Airbus A319 planes. This engine will supposedly reduce NOx (mono-nitrogen oxides) emissions by up to 25 percent and also significantly lower CO2 emissions as well as fuel consumption.

By installing these ‘Green CFM56’  engines and therefore reducing the amount of brown filth spewing out the back of their planes, perhaps easyJet might also be able to persuade those customers currently worried about their carbon footprint to fly with them?

Also, fingers crossed that once easyJet start to lower emissions and fuel consumption, they’ll be able to pass those 25 percent savings down the line to us in the form of even lower ticket prices!

(Photo: easyJet)

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