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Virgin Provides ‘Gold’ Class Entertainment In Space

Posted December 23, 2009 by BookingBuddy

Spandau-ballet_153056sTheir music career may no longer be taking off these days, but the Spandau Ballet boys (men?) will be soaring through the stratosphere for real next year.

Richard Branson’s announcement that Virgin Galactic will be sending moneyed tourists into space soon begs the question – What’s the inflight entertainment like? After all, if you’re paying more than £100 000 for a seat, you’d expect something more exciting than a game of Tetris.

And something more exciting than Tetris is what you’ll get – if you happen to be a fan of 1980s pop music, that is. Spandau Ballet themselves have been lined up to perform on SpaceShipTwo’s inaugural flight, giving them the honour of being the first band to perform in space.

The aging former heartthrobs may have been used to performing in arenas filled with crowds of screams girls back in their heyday, but they should probably expect a much quieter audience this time around. After all, SpaceShipTwo only has enough space for six passengers, and ‘in space, no one can hear you scream’…


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