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Holidays in Athens, Greece

Posted January 9, 2011 by BookingBuddy

Once the center of the civilized world, Athen has seen it all: the rise and fall of empires, the Renaissance, the modernization of our contemporary society. Visitors to Athens, Greece, then, are treated to a broad scope of human history, from the Acropolis, crowned by the sun-bleached marble of the Parthenon, to the elegant, exceedingly modern stadium and structures constructed for the 2004 Olympics. Between it all, Athens buzzes with life, its citizens bustling to and fro, gossiping over frappes at outdoor cafes, and holding tight to traditions that have survived millennia.  Best of all, holidays in Athens can often be found at very reasonable rates, including flights from the UK and it is easy to travel by ferry to visit the Greek Islands, like Mykonos, from Athens.



Athens Gate Hotel: Located across the street from the Temple of Zeus, and just steps from the slopes of the Acropolis, this Athens hotel puts travelers right in the heart of historic Athens. The hotel was renovated in 2007, and travellers can enjoy breakfast on the rooftop deck overlooking the Temple. The hotel is located near the Acropolis stop on Athens' metro, as well as the new Acropolis Museum. Rates start at around €100 per night.



Strofi: Come for the view, stay for the food. Strofi, located just blocks from the Acropolis, seats customers on a rooftop deck with panoramic views of the Parthenon and … well, not much else! But even though your neck may be craned in the direction of the Ancient Greeks' most famous building, do pay attention to the food, which favors traditional Greek tavern fare. Prices are reasonable, considering the view, between €8 and €20.



Monastiraki Flea Market: On Sunday mornings, the normally busy Monastiraki market turns into a chaotic bazaar, bursting at the seams with people and items for sale. Monastiraki is worth a visit any day of the week (and it's open every day of the week), but go on Sundays to get the full experience. Is it a little touristy? Of course. But it's also full of locals negotiating in Greek over the price of this or that, as they've been doing for years. The market features numerous cafes, perfect for taking a break and watching the hustle and bustle pass by. Be warned, though: Arriving early is key, especially on Sundays, before the crowds get too big.


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