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Breaks In Alghero – Alghero Hotels

Posted September 22, 2010 by BookingBuddy

Alghero Have you thought about heading to Alghero the next time you’re considering an Italian holiday? This little town is on the northern tip of Sardinia, and isn’t crowded as hotspots like Rome and Venice, so you’ll be able enjoy a relaxing holiday. Alghero has a balmy climate, and the Marine Reserve here offers some wonderful diving scenery. The impressive Alghero Cathedral shows off a mixture of Catalan-Gothic styles, and has a Neo-Classical portico on its west side.  Other buildings worth seeing include the imposing Torre del Portal, the old city walls, and the Palazzo d’Albis. A wealth of seafood is available in the restaurants and cafes here. There is a Catalan influence to a lot of the food here, but you’ll also be able to find the odd pizza or two if you desire.



Neptune’s Grotto – This stunning cavern lies at the foot of the Cappo Caccia cliffs, and is accessible by boat, or on foot. Try to keep your vertigo in check if you decide to go on foot though – the path to the grotto takes you through a series of perilously narrow steps cut into the cliffside. It’s all worth it once you enter the grotto though. Warm orange lighting helps highlight the spectacular stalactite formations, and gives the lake a glassy smooth appearance, so you may get the impression that you’ve arrived at a magnificent ballroom.



Alghero Resort Country Hotel – Escape to the Alghero Resort Country Hotel to relax and revitalise your senses. The hotel is set in a lush oasis, within a charming 18th century building. It is 3 kilometres from Alghero’s town centre, but that distance is easily handled by renting one of the hotel’s bicycles. The rooms have an airy, bright feel, and with plenty of original fittings such as wooden ceiling beams. Guests can relax with a lesson at the horse-riding centre, or a trip to the spa for a session of pampering. Room rates start from £80.



Mabrouk – It’s easy to miss this unassuming restaurant tucked away in the old streets near the harbour. Seafood lovers will be delighted to discover Mabrouk serves only fish and shellfish – and as much wine or water as you require. The dishes on the set menu depend on what is available that day. You may be able to enjoy some clam linguine, a lobster salad with onions and tomatoes, or even sea urchin if they happen to be in season.   


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