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Breaks In Agrigento – Agrigento Hotels

Posted December 8, 2010 by BookingBuddy

Agrigento Step back into the past with a visit to Agrigento. This Sicilian city is famous for its Valle dei Templi – the Valley of Temples, where the ruins of several Greek temples can be seen. Beautiful medieval buildings are also scattered throughout Agrigento, and the delightful old centre bustles with activity to this day. Stroll down Via Atenea and take in the sights, or enjoy a relaxing meal at an outdoor cafe here.  The local cuisine is unmissable – many dishes share both Greek and Sicilian influences, resulting in very tasty meals indeed!


The Valley of Temples – The Valley of Temples sits on a sunbaked ridge, not far from the centre of town. The Temple of Concordia is one of the best preserved examples here, possibly due to later Christians who turned the temple into a church. Other structures here include the Temple of Juno and the Temple of Heracles, both of which have retained most of their columns. Tombs and catacombs can also be seen in the complex, and a visit to the Archaeological Museum may help put these ruins into context.



Colleverde Park Hotel – Stay at the Colleverde Park Hotel for a stress-free visit to Agrigento. The hotel is sits on a hill overlooking the Valley of Temples, and is not far from Agrigento’s historic centre. Enjoy a delicious Sicilian meal in the hotel’s restaurant, with views that look out over the ancient Greek temples. Room rates start from £75.



Kalos – Head to this casual restaurant near Agrigento’s centre for a tasty Sicilian meal. Seafood plays a large part in Kalos’ menu. Start with a fresh seafood salad, then move on to pastas filled with plenty of clams, mussels or prawns. Other delights here include fresh fish, served piping hot straight of the grill, or fried in a light batter.  


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