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Tweeting Takes To The Skies

Posted October 7, 2010 by BookingBuddy

Twitter It looks like we may never escape from them after all. Twitter has been taken to new heights these days (quite literally), and addicts can get their latest tweet-fix even while in the air.


Finnish carrier Finnair has just announced the launch of its own Twitter page. This will be an addition to Finnair’s Facebook page and blog, so you can keep up with every bit of activity the airline gets up to. Finnair is just the latest in a long line of technologically savvy carriers that have jumped on to the Twitter bandwagon. Other airlines that have followed suit include British Airways, Air Asia, Air France and EasyJet.


It may seem like airlines are merely riding the Twitter wave in a bid to score some ‘hip’ points and attract customers. However, it makes sense for airlines to utilise these social networking tools, especially during urgent situations such as the Eyjafjallajokull eruptions. In such cases, airlines would be able to use their Twitter and Facebook sites to notify their passengers about new developments. These sites are also useful as marketing tools, to let potential passengers find out about upcoming deals and discounts. 



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Reader Comments

Getting travel advice the "old-fashioned" way used to require stepping out on the smoker's balcony at your backpacker's hostel and joining the conversation (cigarette or not). That philosophy—talking to your fellow travelers—still applies once you're on the road, but these days it's even easier to get advice via the Internet, plus share your wisdom once you return. And now with the explosion of social media, a new and almost bottomless layer has been added, offering the ability to tap your network of connections and seek advice from people whose opinions you probably trust even more than guys named Arthur Frommer and Rick Steves.

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It's only a matter of time before more companies begin to view Twitter (and other social media) for what they are: tools for building long term relationships with their customers. In the mean time, it certainly pays to be an early adopter.

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