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Singapore Airlines Flies Into First Place

Posted June 2, 2010 by BookingBuddy

Singapore_airlines_luxury  Not all airlines were created equal, and this becomes especially obvious after a long haul flight. The in-flight experience can often make a difference to whether you enjoy your dream holiday, or suffer a nightmare journey. So it goes without saying that many passengers will have certain preferences when choosing a international carrier.

So which airlines are firm favourites, and which ones haven’t made the grade? According to Choice, an Australian consumer advice organisation, Singapore Airlines has topped the polls as most people’s favourite airline to fly with. The survey asked 9000 Choice members to rate the airlines on a number of factors, including in-flight service, food quality, comfort, and the check-in process.

On the other end of the scale was British Airways, which came in behind Emirates and Japan Airlines. Australian carrier Qantas also did poorly, with those surveyed criticising it for its lack of in-flight service. 


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Reader Comments

Thanks for that we just need a bit of reassurance I think, really don't want to lose a day exploring and have to hang around the airport for a day

Posted on July 03, 2010 at 03:36 AM by BA

Went to NZ from london with one stop over in Singapore,
inboard service was very good.
Ihad to change my retun flight whilst in NZ nothing was to much trouble.
The only complaint is the big differance in fares as in ecomany to business class.

Posted on July 25, 2010 at 05:32 AM by harry wright

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