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EasyHotel to Open in Cyprus Next Summer

Posted December 2, 2008 by BookingBuddy

Easyhotel Looking for somewhere to spend your holidays next summer, yet anxious not to burn all your savings? Well, if orange is your colour, why not stay at an easyHotel?

The brains behind low-cost carrier easyJet announced last month that they had started taking advance bookings for their latest resort-style offering—the easyHotel Larnaca in Cyprus. The rooms will feature air-conditioning and en-suite showers, and, as expected, prices will be low too, starting from about £12 per person. However, in typically low-cost style, add-ons such as TVs, extra towels, and Internet access are available ‘for a small extra charge’.

The famous shade of orange that accompanies everything the company puts its name on will also appear in the resort’s decorating scheme. However, staying in a room with neon orange walls might not be most people’s idea of a relaxing holiday. Still, it’s good to know that should you overdo the fake tan and come out tangerine-skinned, you’ll at least be able to blend in with the decor.

(Photo: My Business Model)

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Reader Comments

Hey, its good to see you picking up on the new easyHotel in Larnaka. Just wanted to say that we've realised that not everyone loves orange as much as us, especially in their holiday hotel. So we've taken the orange walls out of the bedrooms. Take a look at the website page for easyHotel Larnaka and you'll see some artists impressions of the new rooms - hope you like them!!

Posted on December 04, 2008 at 07:15 AM by easyHotel team

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