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Live Out Those Pilot Fantasies With British Airways

Posted November 11, 2008 by BookingBuddy

Cae_7000_series_full_flight Were you one of those kids who always wanted to be a pilot? Then you grew up and realised that running around with your arms spread while making whooshing noises was a lot easier than actually flying a passenger plane and being responsible for hundreds of lives. So you got another job instead. Or you became John Travolta and got a boatload of money and can now afford to buy your own planes.

Well, if you’re not John Travolta, let’s hope your job pays you enough to be a member of British Airways' Executive Club. Why? Well, BA’s CAE 7000 Series full-flight simulators (try saying that without pausing for breath) are now available to members of the Executive Club to try out.

Wannabe pilots can choose from a fleet of Boeing aircraft, and spend between one and three hours in them. The simulators also offer a wrap-around display (so you can see what’s happening in the pretend sky), full-motion feedback, and space for an entire cockpit crew.

So, you may not be John Travolta (and let’s face it, he’s got a double chin these days anyway), but you still get to enjoy the fun of flying without any of the potential drawbacks..


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