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Virgin Atlantic Sees End to Carry-on Liquids Rules

Posted September 16, 2008 by BookingBuddy

Bagofliquids Let’s take a trip back in time ... Try and remember the last time you packed for an overseas holiday. Remember the search for that perfect bikini to make you look a size 8 instead of the size 10 you really are? Remember packing that special bottle of moisturising shampoo to stop your hair getting all greasy in the tropical climate? Remember chucking that bottle into your carry-on bag because there wasn’t enough space in your check-in baggage? Remember how you watched while airport security took that bottle of shampoo out and binned it, right in front of your teary eyes, all because it was in a 150ml container?

Well, it could be nearly time to rejoice, bulk-buying fans! Last week, Virgin Atlantic said that ‘the time may now be right’ for a change to airport security regulations. The current rules state that containers holding more than 100ml of liquid cannot be carried in hand luggage. This has led to many frantic (and slightly amusing) pre-check-in scenes of people digging through their bags, dislodging various belongings and stuffing bottles where the sun don’t shine.

However, all this may be coming to an end. Four U.K. airports, including Heathrow, have recently purchased scanners that are able to detect liquids and even test if those liquids are dangerous. These scanners are now being tested by security services. A source within the security industry has said that ‘when they are happy that it works, the ban will be lifted.’

It looks like we can soon stop wasting our time decanting all our bottles into cute little 100ml plastic containers the night before we fly. Besides, we ought to be spending our time on the really important things, like finding that damned bikini.

(Photo: Rohan Travel Unlimited)

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