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EasyCar Exposes Lying Holidaymakers

Posted September 18, 2008 by BookingBuddy

Liar The next time you’re sitting in front of your computer getting a fine, pasty pixel-tan and the office loudmouth starts shooting off about his recent travels to Fiji and Tuva, resist the immediate urge to deck him. Calm yourself with the knowledge that he's nothing but a no-good liar.

And should someone accuse you of falling prey to the green-eyed monster, you can always set them straight by pointing them towards the facts.

A recent survey released by car rental company easyCar revealed that at least 15 per cent of British holidaymakers were guilty of, if not exactly lying, then stretching the truth a little. Men in particular were fond of embellishing their travel experiences to make their lifestyles seem more impressive.

Other sins include namedropping foreign destinations they hadn’t actually visited, and making it sound as though they had been to a country when all they really did was stop over at an airport.

So the next time that improbably tanned lady from Accounts tries to regale/ bore you with tales of her camel-riding adventures in Dubai, ask to see her passport. Her tan might have come from a bottle. After all, I’ve been to Dubai too (it looks very exotic from inside  the terminal).

(Image: The Beauty Brains)

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