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British Airways and Virgin Atlantic Go on Diets

Posted September 2, 2008 by BookingBuddy

Lightinflightmeal Think your garden-variety aspiring pop stars/models are the only ones to go on faddish crash diets? Well, these days, even the jumbo jets are doing that—and when I say ‘jumbo jet’, I’m not talking about anyone above a size 12. I’m simply talking about airplanes. And I probably shouldn’t use the word ‘crash’ in such close proximity to a sentence about planes.

In these belt-tightening, credit-crunching times, even the big boys of aviation are looking to get rid of some weight. And how are they planning on doing it, so the weight stays off and doesn’t come back? Well, if you’re part of British Airways’ cabin crew, rejoice, because one of the things they are planning to get rid of is paperwork. If you’re flying with BA, however, don’t start jumping for joy yet, as they’re apparently also trying to reduce the weight of in-flight meals. Let’s cross our fingers and hope that doesn’t mean the meals will end up disappearing like Posh Spice when she turns sideways.

Virgin Atlantic is also trying to lose some weight; this time, by shedding some clothes. Well, maybe not clothes exactly. Instead, they’re trying to reduce to amount of packaging their in-flight meals come in. The airline has already introduced lighter seat fitting and lighter cargo bins in their attempt to lose the flab.

With all the weight-watching going on, will there come a time when they decide to weigh their passengers at check-in, too? Anyone larger than any member of Girls Aloud will have to pay extra for the privilege of flying.

(Photo: FlyerTalk)

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Reader Comments

Holy crap...That is the best commercial I think i have ever seen.


Posted on September 30, 2011 at 08:09 AM by Gary Beal

They like to serve us fresh veggies and fruits so that they wont have to cook anymore. Serving you straight from the ref.

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