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Mile High Bed Lets You Join the Club Without Being up in the Air

Posted August 19, 2008 by BookingBuddy

Motoart_540x337 As reported a few months back, the ever-innovative Singapore Airlines have raised the comfort levels for participants in the mile-high club by introducing double-bedded private cabins aboard some of their new A380s. Now, with competition coming from all angles, perhaps the company should go the whole hog and get some Mile High Beds.

Constructed from two DC-9 rear stabilizers and a C-130 inner flap, these beds allow people to be in a plane without being 10 000 feet in the air. Perfect for those with a fear of flying, yet who still wish to join the mile high club. That, and a copy of Virgin Atlantic’s ‘Flying Without Fear’ book, and they’re all set.

Space and weight constraints, however, probably prevent Singapore Airlines or any of their competitors from installing these babies in their aircraft, though. Unless the carrier decides to get rid of all those other seats back in cattle—oops, I meant economy—class, potential members of the mile high club will still have to risk getting their feet stuck in the toilet while getting their, erm, highs. That, or buy one of these beds for their own homes.

(Photo: MotoArt)

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Greetings from MotoArt!

We're glad you find our Mile High Bed so uplifting! We put a lot of hard work into every piece we create to make sure they take flight. This would make flying the friendly skies a lot more fun, no? If you liked this bed, you should check out the rest of our work on our site or follow us on Twitter to see what takes flight next! ( )

Best Regards,
The Crew at MotoArt

Posted on September 25, 2009 at 01:45 PM by MotoArt Crew

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