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Keep Yourself Clean With Emirates' Shower-Spas

Posted August 5, 2008 by BookingBuddy

Emiratesshowerspas Going on a long-haul flight usually means being covered in a layer of filth for hours on end, with only a measly trickle of usable water coming from the tap in that isolation cell they laughably call a ‘toilet’, right? Well, at least, it used to. Until Emirates got into the game, that is.

Ever ready to please their passengers, Emirates have not only redesigned their cabin crew’s uniforms in delicious dessert-ready colours, but have gone even further. You think Singapore Airlines and their double-bedded suites are impressive? Well, that was like, so three months ago. 

Beginning in August, when Emirates takes delivery of their new fleet of A380s, flying long distance will be a much comfier and, dare I say, cleaner, experience. In fact, passengers might like it so much they might not want to leave the plane.

And the reason for this? Emirates have released pictures revealing that the interior of their A380s will have shower-spas for first-class passengers. That’s right, not only showers, but shower-spas. It’s enough to make me want to pay through the nose to sit in the front of a tin can that hovers 30 000 feet in the air for 24 hours.

One nagging question lurks in the back of my mind though—transportation of water is always a problem in aircraft, so how do they plan on bringing enough water to keep first-class passengers satisfied, while not doing away with any other necessities for passengers in the back of the plane?


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Reader Comments

Geeeez! How much would it cost to even fly a coupon hundred liters of water a few thousand miles?

Does the dirty water just get dropped out of the plane?

And what about people who like to pee in the shower?


Posted on August 05, 2008 at 04:23 PM by Stephen

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