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Emirates' In-Flight Mobile Services Available, But Nobody Cares

Posted August 12, 2008 by BookingBuddy

Mobilephoneairplane A few months back, we at were predicting widespread violence as mobile phones started becoming operational on more and more airplanes. (OK, maybe ‘widespread violence’ is exaggerating things a little bit, but it sounds more exciting.)

Perhaps thankfully, however, irate passengers don’t  yet seem to be running around bashing each other up for yammering on and on. In fact, Patrick Brannelly, Emirates’ vice president of passenger communications and visual services, tells that, ‘the nightmare scenarios of everyone jabbering away just aren’t happening’.

In fact, most passengers don’t seem to have even taken much notice of the additional mobile and SMS services that are being provided. According to Brannelly, only between 40 to 60 percent of passengers have turned their phones on since the service became available.  In fact, most people seem to be using the service to send text messages rather than make calls lasting for hours, in an effort to be considerate towards others in the same cabin.

Great news for in-flight tranquility, but a little disappointing for anyone who had hoped to view something a little more ‘live’ and exciting than the usual in-flight movies.

(Photo: FlightAndRoom Blog)

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