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Flying Now More Like Watching Ad-only TV

Posted July 22, 2008 by BookingBuddy

It used to be that (as long as you didn’t open the in-flight magazine) being in an airplane was probably the one place you could escape from the advertising onslaught.

Now, however, as if following the evil plan thought up by Beelzebub himself, you not only get to be:

  1. manhandled by airport security
  2. knocked over by crazed Speedy Boarders
  3. forced to fight for the last remaining seat, inevitably right beside an overweight, sweaty man

And when you finally settle into the tiny space granted you by gingerly lifting away your seat mate’s stomach, you fold out the tray table in preparation for a much needed drink, only to see an ad for a credit card staring back at you, as if it was silently mocking you. You get so angry you reach for an airsickness bag to throw up in, but what’s that on the bag? An advertisement for Coca-Cola. It’s enough to make anyone hijack a plane with a pair of knitting needles (which, not surprisingly, have been banned on planes).

European passengers might think this is a phenomenon confined solely to Stateside air carriers, however, Ryanair, one of the biggest low-cost carriers on our side of the Pond, has ads on its tray tables and sick bags, and has even made their bulkheads available for adverts.


Look on the bright side though, potential knitting-needle hijackers, and just remember—companies are known to give out free stuff as an advertising gimmick. So the next time you board your Ryanair flight to Mallorca, keep your hands out, not to strangle the screaming toddler two rows behind, but to receive your free sunglasses, drink, or maybe even credit card?


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