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Singapore Wired for iPods, Not for Babies

Posted May 29, 2008 by BookingBuddy

Singaporeairlines Singapore Airlines has added another ‘first’ to its list—this time by letting business-class customers on flights between Singapore and New York plug their iPods into the in-flight entertainment system, thus allowing them to watch their own choice of movies or listen to their own music.

However, given that an iPod is itself already a personal entertainment system (in-flight or not), this service seems a tad unnecessary. If any airline re-design teams are reading this, these are what I would really like to be added onto my flight instead:

  1. Cry-rooms for babies: Back in the days when I was a law-abiding, God-fearing citizen, I used to go to church with my parents. In these churches, there was a certain room set apart for parents with young babies, so they could listen to the sermons without the cries of their little dears disturbing anyone else’s worship. While babies are supposedly cute and cuddly, they also make quite a racket, and it’s not always the most welcome thing when you’re sitting in a metal container 10 000 feet in the air, especially if you’re going to be listening to that noise for the next 18 hours.
  2. Decent pillows: And I mean properly sized ones, not the four-inch squares of padded cotton we get on most flights. I want big, lush downy pillows to sink into for my long-haul trip, not a tiny wad of stuffing that leaves my neck at a semi-permanent 90-degree angle if I so much as attempt to lay my head on it.
  3. No more James Blunt on the in-flight entertainment system. Keep him on your own iPod, please.

(Photo: Singapore Airlines)

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