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April 2008

Singapore Airlines Unwittingly Creates Ultimate Mile-high Club

Posted April 29, 2008 by BookingBuddy

Singapore_airlines_private_ Bringing us a whole new spin on the good ol’ "mile-high club" idea is ever-generous Singapore Airlines, which has introduced private suites with double beds in some of its cabins.

However, before some of us (yes, they’re keeping an eye on you, Ralph Fiennes) get too excited about the inherent possibilities, a spokesprude for the airlines has already wagged a stern finger and warned the frisky ones that "If couples used our double beds to engage in inappropriate activity, we would politely ask them to desist."

So, hold on a minute. The airlines is offering double beds, in private suites, with closed doors. And then asking people not to do what comes naturally in such a situation. I’m guessing this might be a little tougher to stop than Singapore wishes, seeing as most people have been content to "engage in inappropriate activity" in cramped, awkward cells (also known as airplane lavatories) for however long plane travel has been popular.

I’m not holding out much hope of stopping anything ... so when the plane’s a-rocking, I won’t come a-knocking on any closed doors. Find cheap flights to Singapore or should that be 'Sin'apore... :)

Unlike Other Airlines, Flybe Is Paying Their Customers to Fly

Posted April 29, 2008 by BookingBuddy

Flybeplaneweb This sounds like a great April Fool’s day joke—the low-cost airline that pays you to fly instead. Remember how, when you were young, your parents would make you do chores you didn’t really want to do by giving you a teeny bit of pocket money? This reminds me of those times.

Flybe, the low-cost European airline, has decided to make 172 passengers do a chore they hadn't intended to do (fly with them) by paying them pocket money. Okay, to be fair, £30-£40 is a lot more for a few hours work than I ever got from my parents.

And now anytime I need some extra pocket money, I’ll know where to go. Dublin to Norwich.

The Fattest Airliner in the Skies

Posted April 3, 2008 by Andrew Wong

Thin is in, and one needs only to look at Kate Moss to see how true this still is. Which makes it all the more amazing that the plane with the most buzz is so tubby. Yes, the Airbus A380 with its passenger capacity of up to 853, finally had its inaugural waddle, er…flight, into London Heathrow last month. After all these years of scepticism about whether this massive bird would fly, it was finally before my eyes.

Of course my colleague Jaklien and I challenged each other to see who the best plane spotter was (hey, it's a legitimate hobby!) in preparation for the A380 to arrive from Singapore. “Virgin 340-600!” I called. Jaklien wasn’t sure but then spotted a British Airways A320, not as exciting as a bigger plane but I gave him 10 points nonetheless. Sure enough, there was a constant stream of aircraft seemingly coming from all directions and altitudes to join up on the flight path to Heathrow. But these were just boring old planes. We wanted the mother ship.

It almost seemed like an eternity standing at the end of the hall peering out of the window. Office workers coming from the elevators must have thought we were mad and/or unemployed. Finally, just before we thought we had missed it, the giant turkey that is the A380 swooped past our building in the West End and made a sharp but graceful turn to fly in the direction of Heathrow. “Thick” was the word that came to mind, as you could see two rows or windows and extra large lettering for the Singapore logo. People passing by us in the hall stopped to watch as well and you could hear the collective ‘ooughs’ and ‘aaaah’s even from non-airline nerds such as Jaklien and I.

The plane remained in eye shot for a good 30 seconds before it disappeared into the distance. We could spot the gear coming down as it was probably on its final approach to Heathrow and then it was gone. History made! Nerds win!


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